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Sunny Haynes - Hello City

Sunny Haynes – Hello City

Sunny is a specialist in developing innovative social and economic programs to bring disadvantaged, run down and unloved places back to life and bring real and lasting change to communities. She is strategic and clearsighted, enormously practical and naturally collaborative – qualities she has brought to groundbreaking projects throughout the UK and Australia.

As well as her wealth of experience and skills, she is a culture junkie, vintage hunter, ideas magpie and plays the ukulele badly but with great enthusiasm.

In her work in urban regeneration she has delivered programs in multiple contexts including housing, health, community engagement, economic development and procurement.

She has experience in developing organisational frameworks around effective governance, measuring socioeconomic outcomes and corporate social responsibility and has been a trustee of a youth charity.

Working at Irwell Valley Housing Association, Sunny led the community regeneration of disadvantaged estates, resulting in pronounced improvements in employment, skills, community, health and wellbeing outcomes. As a Regeneration Consultant at FSquared she managed a program of innovative social procurement projects for developer clients seeking to maximise the community benefit of their activities and see the impacts of $30-100 million value projects make a real difference at a local level.

For three years after her move to Australia in 2008, Sunny worked at VicUrban (now Places Victoria), the Victorian State Government’s sustainable development agency. As Director of Social and Economic Development, she led innovative new approaches to community engagement, community infrastructure, affordable housing and economic development. Her projects included engaging with 3,700 people to inform the strategic planning for the Second Decade of Docklands and developing the model, partnership arrangements and securing funding for one of the first mixed-tenure housing schemes in Victoria. As Director of Projects at placemaking company Village Well she worked to ensure the quality, responsiveness and effectiveness of a broad range of projects, including everything from vision-development to retail strategies to engagement activities in contexts such as CBDs, large-scale shopping centres, national parks, main streets and regional towns.

At Hello City, Sunny has developed innovative new ways of  engaging and involving local communities and stakeholders, articulating shared visions for the future and leading detailed plans for implementation. Key projects she has led for Hello City include The Wangaratta Project 30 year masterplan, the Reservoir Identity Development Study and the Business Model for Collingwood Arts Precinct.

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