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Kate McMahon - Hello City

Kate McMahon – Hello City

Kate is a fine artist, urban designer and expert in creative process with significant experience in both the consulting and academic worlds. 

She is a whirlwind of creative energy, an inspiring public speaker and facilitator who effortlessly diagnoses complex problems and develops solutions that really work.

She also has an impressive collection of retro caravans that she impulse-purchases from eBay and lovingly brings back to their former glory.

Kate taught both theory and practice in the department of Sculpture and Spatial Practice at the Victorian College of the Arts and co-cordinated a subject at the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, teaching both undergraduates and postgraduates. In these roles she developed and delivered programs that taught artists and designers how to understand problems, define a useful field of investigation, and develop creative processes that generate, test, expand and refine solutions.

She developed innovative cross-disciplinary studios that brought sculpture students and landscape and urban design students from The University of Melbourne, RMIT University and the VCA and broke participants out of their standard approaches and integrated landscape, urban design and art.

As an urban and spatial design consultant working for EDAW (now Aecom), Coomes Consulting (Downer EDI) and her own consulting business, Kate worked on a wide range of projects including large scale greenfield developments, commercial developments and mixed use urban brown field development across Australia and as far afield as Wuxi, China.

Kate’s work has always been concerned with the human experience of urban places. She has developed innovative frameworks and strategies to guide development and regeneration of urban centres resulting in better and more connected quality of life, improved performance of commercial and retail facilities, improved yield, reduced cost of infrastructure and integrated delivery of best practice outcomes such as environmental and sustainable strategies including shared use, walkability and WSUD design.

Kate was with Village Well for two years where, as General Manager, she led some of the company’s most high profile projects such as the activation strategy for Darling Quarter and developing radical new ways of thinking about how greenfield development can be repositioned for Mirvac’s Gainsborough Greens project in Queensland.

As an expert in creative process, Kate has worked with diverse teams to expand their capacity for innovation including executives at Boston Consulting Group, Simplot, BHP and as part of the executive education program at the Executive MBA and Mount Eliza Business School at the University of Melbourne.

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