Brunswick Street Mall: Positioning Study

Client: Brisbane City Council
Location: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Hello City worked as part of a team led by PLACE Design Group to develop concepts for the redevelopment of Brunswick Street Mall in the grungiest part of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

Our role was to explore the possibilities for this characterful but challenging area by analysing how it was currently positioned within the life of the broader city and how it could be inspired by the actions of other cities around the world.

Our research uncovered the special place the mall held in the hearts of Brisbane locals as a place of legendary gigs and teenage nights out and where it had lost its way. We outlined 10 characteristics of successful precincts around the world from Birmingham UK to Bogota Colombia. We then outlined how the learnings from these precincts could be reinvented in a Brunswick Street Mall context.

Our recommendations outlined concepts such as a cultural anchor, strategic clusters, subculture engagement, trader involvement frameworks and a program of small-scale activity.

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