Gamification & the Power of Play

Hello City have recently challenged the city of Wollongong to take part in a large-scale public Ideas-a-thon. We used gamification as the basis of our engagement strategy as a way to tempt corporates & creatives to get involved at the same time, to encourage people to dream big, and step outside their comfort zone and to build a sense of shared possibility & momentum around the larger strategic & visioning work of the Shaping Wollongong project. On the day, 41 teams participated and produced well over 3000 ideas within 4 hours. Well played Wollongong!

We’ve been inspired by some amazing gaming approaches over the last five years, where people have tapped the forces of competition & play achieve some pretty serious results. Gamification is being used in everything from encouraging students to take risks & embrace failure, to a new micro lending platform Seed (described as Farmville meets Kiva), to helping people manage their diabetes. Gamification is even helping kids with autism spectrum disorders improve their cognitive function.

If you want to immerse yourself in all-things gamification, you can even do a Massive Online Open Course with Prof. Kevin Werbach for free.



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