Experience: Liveability

Sunny developed a comprehensive set of strategic Socioeconomic Key Performance Indicators for a panel of developers working in Manchester on the regeneration of the city wide Housing Market Renewal program.

Kate developed a radical new approach to greenfield development in the Gold Coast, Queensland where she advised the developer to allow a community and culture that built on the natural and people assets of the area to emerge from its local histories, talents and rituals to achieve a greater level of authenticity and meaning over the standard cookie-cutter approach. She worked with the developer and the community to redefine liveability from quality of lifestyle and design to quality of cultural participation, access to opportunity and relationships – co-creating a brand new model for greenfield development.

Sunny led partners and community members to transform highly disadvantaged housing estates throughout Greater Manchester through the set-up and operation of an award-winning program of regeneration projects including a dedicated employment and training centre, community cafe, and programs around youth, health promotion, older people, crime prevention, technology and local governance.

Kate worked closely with local government in China to develop a number of interconnected mixed use precincts along a major river and canal system. She developed a design concept which integrated public transport, human scale, walkable neighbourhoods and a program of public art.

Sunny acted as the VicUrban lead for the strategic planning for the Second Decade of Docklands project, including an engagement program that engaged with over 3,700 community, strategic stakeholder, technical specialist and hard to reach groups across Melbourne.

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