New Ways of Seeing Workshop

Discover the Power of Imagination, Curiosity and the Creative Process.

Creativity is an essential attribute of any successful professional and is a critical component of vision and leadership in a changing world.

Have you ever asked for new ideas for an old problem then found yourself with a list of the same old solutions? Do you feel like creativity is the work of a special few? Do you wish you could better tap into your own creative and problem solving skills?

Discover the secrets Picasso, Einstein, Newton, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Bruce Mau all knew about creativity. In this session, we translate the powerful processes that artists and creatives use every day into a business context to help you develop daily practices that cultivate personal creativity and create environments that breed innovation.

We explore the links between creativity, courage, judgment, story-telling and effective risk management to unlock new strategies and new solutions.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of the creative process, and how to strengthen a personal discipline of creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Build on insights into the creative process in order to facilitate powerful generative     processes, and ensure that key decision makers manage risk while supporting truly new solutions.
  • Understand how and when to operate outside your creative comfort zone
  • Understanding of how to apply creative thinking strategies to real world problems.
  • Insights into ways to manage risk around innovation and creativity

Activities overview:
New ways of seeing
Creativity: Busting the myths
Creating new paradigms on demand
Scenario: The power of bad ideas
Scenario: The power of good ideas.
Strategies for knowing the difference .

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