What Is Reservoir? Identity Development

Client: Darebin City Council
Location: Reservoir, Melbourne

Hello City is currently working with the talented team at Darebin City Council to develop an identity project for the suburb of Reservoir in Melbourne’s north. Our role is to uncover the values of this place where neighbours from far-flung corners of the world share garden-grown produce over the back fence. Our work includes:

- taking to the streets in a 1950s caravan complete with bunting, deck chairs and garden gnome to chat to locals
- local area research
- engagement worksheets
- a photo survey capturing the meaning of Reservoir to its residents
- an online survey designed to reveal the experiences, frustrations and icons of the area

We will then translate the findings into a brand identity for Reservoir’s centre with specific recommendations about how this brand can be communicated, embedded within the various elements of Reservoir’s streetscape and considered within other strategies to protect and nurture the unique qualities of this special place.

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