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Together the people of Watsonia & state & local government have captured a clear picture of the future of Watsonia Village.

Picture Watsonia Vision

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About Picture Watsonia

This vision is a touchstone to guide daily decision-making for Watsonia Village. It has been developed to improve Watsonia’s overall resilience & ability to change with the times without losing touch with those qualities that make it truly itself.

The next step is to work out together how to make this picture of Watsonia come to life. Click on the link to check out the Picture Vision document or to find out more detail about what people had to say about Watsonia Village.  Picture Watsonia Vision

Hundreds of ideas for the future of Watsonia were generated during this process by the community, by Council officers, state government & by councillors. A snapshot of these ideas is captured in this document.

Council’s next steps include a planning & implementation phase which will begin the work of delivering some of the many ideas. But you too can play an important part in making these ideas a reality. Starting right now!

Not all these ideas need to be led by Council. In fact many of the ideas captured in Picture Watsonia could be better delivered by business operators & locals. If any of the ideas inspire you, or fit with your own ideas for the future of Watsonia then talk to the Strategic Planning team for advice on the best way to seek support from Council for your endeavours.

email: strategic.planning@banyule.vic.gov.au
post: Strategic Planning, PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079
phone: 9457 9830

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