Reservoir Identity Development Study & Brand

Client: Darebin City Council, 2013-14
Identity Study

Hello City worked with the team at Darebin City Council to develop an identity project for the suburb of Reservoir in Melbourne’s north and a compelling new brand for the area.

Our work included:
- Creative, evocative methods of community and stakeholder engagement that reveal the authentic values, meaning and associations of the place
- Research from multiple sources, both highly formal and highly informal, to uncover all sides of the story of the area
- Hosting a conversation across multiple platforms and networks that reaches a very diverse audience in terms of age, socio-economic background, preferred way of engaging, cultural background and relationship to the area
- Articulating that wealth of local meaning through the development of a new brand for the area

Creative Engagement
We took to the streets in a 1950s caravan complete with bunting, deck chairs and garden gnome to chat to locals, using engagement worksheets designed to uncover the values, memories and associations of local people. We also carried out a beautiful photo survey capturing the meaning of Reservoir to its residents.

Alongside this we also carried out an online survey designed to reveal the experiences, small pleasures, frustrations and icons of the area.

The outputs of all of the above research fed into a definition of key strengths for the area: 10 value propositions that really capture what would drive people to visit, live in, work in or invest in Reservoir.

The key strengths formed the basis for the development of a new logo that encapsulated the unique strengths and assets of the area in a way that has authentically arisen from the local community itself.

The key strengths also formed the basis for a set of actionable strategies for the area across urban design, local retail, streetscape, housing and development, community, arts and culture, inward investment and environment designed to protect, enhance, nurture and communicate the unique qualities of this special place.

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