The company was founded by Kate McMahon & Sunny Haynes bringing together their broad-based experience accumulated through urbanist adventures over the last 20 years.

In that time we’ve worked on strategic, development, housing, academic, economic, cultural & social projects. We’ve worked at a senior level with governments, community groups, social enterprises, universities, arts organisations, small & big businesses & just about every large scale developer you can think of in both Australia & the UK.

All About Sunny

Sunny Haynes - Hello City

Sunny Haynes – Hello City

Sunny is a specialist in developing innovative social and economic programs to bring disadvantaged, run down and unloved places back to life and bring real and lasting change to communities. She is strategic and clearsighted, enormously practical and naturally collaborative – qualities she has brought to groundbreaking projects throughout the UK and Australia.

As well as her wealth of experience and skills, she is a culture junkie, vintage hunter, ideas magpie and plays the ukulele badly but with great enthusiasm.

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All About Kate

Kate McMahon - Hello City

Kate McMahon – Hello City

Kate is a fine artist, urban designer and expert in creative process with significant experience in both the consulting and academic worlds. 

She is a whirlwind of creative energy, an inspiring public speaker and facilitator who effortlessly diagnoses complex problems and develops solutions that really work.

She also has an impressive collection of retro caravans that she impulse-purchases from eBay and lovingly brings back to their former glory.

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For a few examples of the projects that have developed our skills, experiences & networks over the years before setting up Hello City, see below.

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