Creative Process

We believe that creative thinking is critical to the success of our communities, our cities, our world. Many people believe they are not creative or feel daunted by the prospect of coming up with new ideas, but we know everyone can access the power of disciplined play, tap into their creative potential and transform their […]

Place Strategy

We look at place from many different angles. Our backgrounds in urban design, placemaking, engagement, urban regeneration, branding and community development give us a unique perspective on what makes individual precincts, suburbs, towns and mainstreets thrive. We work collaboratively with project teams, stakeholders and local communities to uncover the ‘eachness’ of a place – what […]

City Making

Our love affair with cities is a long-standing one. Between us we’ve lived in 10 cities across 3 continents including some of the greatest in the world. On our journey we’ve been fascinated by what makes cities tick, and we are constantly curious about things like the true impact of successful leadership & a good […]

Shaping Wollongong

Collaborative city making to define a vision and strategies for the future.