Our love affair with cities is a long-standing one. Between us we’ve lived in 10 cities across 3 continents including some of the greatest in the world.

On our journey we’ve been fascinated by what makes cities tick, and we are constantly curious about things like the true impact of successful leadership & a good plan. About what kinds of platforms allow for conversation between citizens or the best tools for making things happen and why.

Throughout our careers, we’ve worked across all aspects of developing & implementing big picture strategies for cities, towns & regions.

We start by developing a rich understanding of the local conditions. We engage with everything from the project team’s insights & existing strategies & reports to Facebook groups & local underground blogs.

We then carry out the kind of engagement that illuminates the complex issues and trade-offs of planning for the long-term and invites long-term involvement and collaboration. Our engagement is creative, strategic, innovative & makes use of a raft of specially-developed techniques that go far beyond a wish list.

We pull all these conversations and research together with a process of synthesis & analysis that produces a set of pared back insights that really get to the heart of things.

To inspire possibilities, we bring a raft of relevant examples of what has worked around the world from cities facing similar challenges and with similar assets to build on who have done amazing things.

Our key expertise is in translating these insights along with all that data into a compelling vision, guiding principles & strategic directions, all backed up by clear actions with agreed accountabilities.

To develop whole-of-city strategies we:

– work collaboratively with project teams to define what’s possible

– facilitate creative and meaningful conversations with communities

– work with stakeholders to define how to make things happen

– research inspiring best practice from around the world

– develop workable & supported strategies in areas like identity & reputation, revitalisation, arts & culture, transport, land use, community involvement, maximisation of social & economic benefits, public private partnerships, etc

– deliver vital, clear, inspiring documents that reflect the quality of the process that has taken place

– deliver engaging and stimulating talks on citymaking & ideas

There’s nothing we love more than exploring issues around what makes our cities liveable with like-minded souls.  If you would like to explore with us, get in touch.