We believe that creative thinking is critical to the success of our communities, our cities, our world.

Many people believe they are not creative or feel daunted by the prospect of coming up with new ideas, but we know everyone can access the power of disciplined play, tap into their creative potential and transform their work and their environments.

Creativity is a particularly powerful tool for leadership; enabling insights into how to make environments that allow masses of ideas to germinate, spot the good ones and cultivate and nurture them effectively whilst managing risk.

We work creatively with our clients to reimagine and reinvent their processes, giving them a new edge, in contexts as various as creative workspaces and tissue box market research.

We have worked across an unusually broad range of contexts – from the strategic planning of Melbourne’s Docklands precinct to making a creative workspace both functional and magical, Working with large-scale developers, global corporations and consultancies, VCA students and community groups, we have developed processes that unleash and harness creativity within project teams using simple techniques that can be instantly and consistently applied both to projects and to day to day life.

To creatively unlock problems & unleash creativity we:

– carry out analysis of operating environment, current processes & relationships, possibilities

– test possible new approaches

– implement new approaches

– facilitate creative process workshops