The Hello City approach is an inclusive one that seeks to build on the unique assets and strengths of

We bring knowledge & insights into current trends and latest research.

We see our work as a shared journey that builds all participants’ capacity to think creatively and find powerful new solutions in a collaborative way, resulting in projects that

As we are a small team, we devote ourselves to a small number of projects that we really care about. Our senior staff work on all projects to ensure the benefits of our broad experience and knowledge is realised for all our clients.

We look at places from a variety of perspectives including retail mix, the housing market, migration, innovation, positioning, changing demographics, reputation and inward investment as well as quality of architecture, identity, microculture, community cohesion and local networks. We look at local character, values, activities, relationships, connections, economies, assets, spaces and buildings. We focus on the lived experience of places.

We work in a highly collaborative way with project teams. Our approach is to form a team with our clients and work together to make the project happen, exchanging knowledge, learning from each other, working it out together.

Due to the breadth of our work, we have built up a great network of collaborators across multiple fields including culture, fine art, food and hospitality, events, digital engagement and communications. We often look for ways to deliver our services in a collaborative way with other consultants or in partnership with creatives.


We use a range of traditional and creative engagement activities to reach the broadest range of people and invite them to be part of the conversation. Our engagement process generate excitement and a sense of possibility about the project and our outputs are translated in a way that allows people to really see their fingerprints on the finished design.

Our techniques vary from street-based vox pops, interactive workshops, arts projects for schoolchildren and online surveys to engagement activities that people experience like events, including elements such as gamification, participatory artworks, pop ups, live music and photography activities, that create a sense of vibrancy, momentum and positive energy.

A strong focus for Hello City in engagement processes is always with strategic stakeholders – those who can enable, fund, drive, champion or own the projects that are being developed as well as those with key insights into what will work and how.


Hello City is a company that specialises in ideas. From team ideas generation workshops, public Ideas-a-thons, ideas hacking activities and targeted stakeholder Ideas Labs, ideas are at the heart of what we do. Together with the teams we work with, we research, generate, refine and shape ideas into workable strategy.

What motivates us above all is seeing positive change come about as a result of our work – to places and to people. This means we always go beyond visioning and get into the nitty gritty of what should happen, how it should happen and who should be involved in making it happen.

Our strategies are designed to find the sweet spot between impact and deliverability and build a sense of momentum through the process.