Little Big 500 Project

Celebrating and developing rich experiences of place together.



Location: Melbourne VIC

The precinct around 500 Bourke Street has many assets and yet it is somehow not the vibrant precinct it could be. Hello City has been working with the asset owners ISPT to explore how to breathe new life into this forgotten corner of the city. Surveys and vox pops with tenants of the building, local businesses and users of the space, as well as global best practice research and creative brainstorming, allowed us to generate, test and refine a number of potentially transformative ideas.




Through a good old-fashioned Block Party, we then brought the best of these ideas to life for an evening, with boutique cocktail bars, food stalls from local legends Movida and Rosa’s Kitchen, live interactive artworks, flower chandeliers, potted productive gardens, colourful cushions and blankets and live music.

Testing the ideas in this real-world environment allowed us to develop a detailed Place Strategy to guide the future redevelopment of the precinct in a way that all users of the space can embrace.