The Together Project

Co-designing a new member's area.


ClientAsylum Seeker Resource Centre

Location: Footscray, Melbourne VIC

Hello City worked throughout 2016 with the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre on The Together Project.  

The project has sought to reframe the relationship between the centre’s staff, members, supporters and volunteers by transforming the large members space through co-design.  

The huge space is home to a kitchen,  dining area for 200 people, children’s area, legal advice space, library, event and food store. 

The Together Project achieved a massive amount of member involvement through workshops, codesign processes, focus groups and surveys and developed a vision for the look, feel and use of the space in partnership with some of the foremost design thinkers of Melbourne. The project has now moved into delivery phase to achieve the vision and bring colour, life, comfort, texture and function to this multifaceted facility. 






“How wonderful it has been to see [The Together Project] take shape.  The beautiful designs, the amazing ideas, the inspiring member involvement and the good company! It’s been inspiring working with you.” ” 

– Patrick Lawrence, Director of Humanitarian Services (Engagement & Advocacy)