We look at place from many different angles. Our backgrounds in urban design, placemaking, engagement, urban regeneration, branding and community development give us a unique perspective on what makes individual precincts, suburbs, towns and mainstreets thrive.

We work collaboratively with project teams, stakeholders and local communities to uncover the ‘eachness’ of a place – what makes it truly and uniquely itself – and to define multiple audiences and what they each value.

Wherever we can, we use the process to test specific strategies. Instead of doing a survey about activating an area of the CBD for example, we’ll hold an event in a central laneway to gauge how people respond in the real world. This kind of action-research gives us direct data & true insights into the opportunities & issues while kickstarting activity.

We have experience end-to-end in defining and implementing what makes places work – from community and stakeholder engagement, visioning and collaborative planning to delivering place brands, retail toolkits, masterplans, affordable housing, urban design frameworks, social procurement and activation strategies.

We have worked across an unusually broad range of contexts – from the strategic planning of Melbourne’s Docklands precinct to making a creative workspace both functional and magical, and a thousand projects in between.  We’ve had the privilege of developing our thinking in collaboration with some super-smart developers, government officers, traders, artists, third sector workers, small business people and community groups. We’ve learned both what makes them want to leap out of bed in the morning and what makes them wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

To develop strategies for individual places, precincts and main streets we:

  • work collaboratively with project teams to define what’s possible

  • facilitate creative and meaningful conversations with communities

  • work with stakeholders to define how to make things happen

  • research inspiring best practice from around the world

  • develop workable & supported strategies in areas like identity, branding and marketing, events & activation, retail, governance, public art, etc