Founded in 2012, Hello City is an agency that specialises in urban revitalisation & developing innovative & workable strategies for

We are in an excellent position to understand & navigate the complex, multi-stakeholder environments involved in big picture planning because of our varied backgrounds of

We are creative while also being

We are experienced in managing large-scale consultation processes that act as all-of-city conversations and achieve both breadth and depth of involvement from local communities and stakeholders.

Due to the breadth of our work and curiosity about cities, we have built up a great network of collaborators across multiple fields including culture, fine art, food and hospitality, events, fine arts, urban design, development, academia, community housing, digital engagement and communications. 

We work in a highly collaborative way and draw on our network for specific projects, from diverse worlds. If you want someone to run a silent disco event, visually scribe a meeting or observe and interpret behaviour in a public space for twelve hours, we know someone who can do that. We also have more traditional collaborators like visionary transport planners, hard-to-reach engagement specialists and economists.

Examples of our creative & strategic approach include:

  • Public Ideas-a-thons that use gamification to inspire and motivate participation

  • Stakeholder Ideas Labs which work participants through rigorous thinking through Delivery Model Canvases

  • Myth busting quizzes that inform on key issues without lecturing

  • Decision trees and values exercises that explore the complex trade-offs involved in big picture planning

  • Convening think tanks of interesting people who can look at an issue from truly diverse perspectives

  • Photo surveys that inspire diverse communities to explore the meaning, values and experiences of their local place & relationships and generate hundreds of photographs within hours

  • Online engagement using Facebook, Google Forms, Pinterest, Flickr, Twitter and collaborations with digital media strategy companies

Kate is an urban strategist, fine artist, urban designer and expert in creative process. She has significant experience in both the consulting and academic worlds.

She is a whirlwind of creative energy. Kate is an inspired public speaker and facilitator who effortlessly diagnoses complex problems and develops solutions that really work.

As co-founder of Hello City, Kate develops new ways of thinking & new ways of tackling the problems in opportunities created by how we live.

She is an expert in city-wide strategic thinking, in finding imaginative solutions, sparking interesting conversations and getting down to the brass tacks of making it all work and the real world.
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Megan is a passionate communications and engagement specialist with experience working for large Victorian public organisations, not for profits and enterprising SMEs..

Her standout strength is a balanced approach. She has the ability to come a project with a strategic and commercially focused perspective, while being empathetic and well-considered when it comes to stakeholder needs.

Megan’s  dynamic engagement and facilitation skills uncover the unheard voices within organisations and communities to capture true insights into complex issues. This means all her business and place-based strategies are built on strong evidence, providing a foundation for informed, practical and sustainable decisions.

Her research combines fresh creative engagement strategies with proven frameworks such as IAP2. This robust approach coupled with strong project management skills makes Megan someone who can comfortably plan at big picture level but also manage the hands-on tactical elements of challenging projects.

Megan leads the research and engagement elements of Hello City’s projects and is currently working a project for Victoria’s Independent Broadly Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC)

+61 421 826 948

Chris is a designer and researcher who creates strategic and creative solutions built on rich customer research and insights. His unique approach to strategy development is cross-disciplinary, creative and rigorous and builds on various perspectives including design anthropology, technology research, human centred design, design thinking methodologies and digital ethnography.

Using these frameworks, Chris is able to develop original and robust research methodologies and then apply laser-sharp and analysis to uncover genuinely useful and transformative insights – getting to the heart of seemingly impenetrable problems.

His extensive experience in large and complex projects in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe allows Chris to take a broad view of each project. He starts by understanding the moving parts of the project and is then able to take on the role in the team that is most useful. He is quickly able to establish trust with key stakeholders and partners and build effective collaborations to deliver best value to the work at hand.

Chris co-led the development of the methodology for Hello City’s award winning Preston Market Identity Study which captures the tangible and intangible elements of place.

Jane is expert at working with groups from the point of creating a big audacious vision all the way through to the pointy end of delivery.

She knows how to find the sweet spot between inspiration, strategy and practical support. She is a logistics wiz who knows how to make things happen on the ground. 

Her approach the activation is grounded in the deep understanding of, and experience with, community development, She is able to uncover the values and beliefs that knit a community together and work with them on creative projects to allow these to shine.

Jane’s projects at Hello City have included developing an engagement activation approach for Seymour, and the development of strategies around urban growth, place branding, programming and economic development for Harcourt.

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